Leading steel and RES companies form Expom Group

Another member company, Werex, which specialises in the production of welded structures, has joined the Expom Group. The expansion of the group brings strong opportunities and synergies.

In 2019, on the initiative of Expom SA, the Expom Group will be created, consisting of Expom SA, Konter, Expom Eco-Energy. From December 2023, the Expom Group will be extended to include another company, Werex.

Expom SA, founded in 1952, is one of the leading manufacturers of steel structures. The company provides services to international clients and has an impressive track record of projects that have gained market recognition. Werex, specialises in the manufacture of welded structures in black and acid resistant steel. Konter, is an experienced steel fabrication and erection contractor. Expom Eco-Energy, brings expertise in green energy and green concepts to the group. As a supplier of various renewable energy solutions, the company is perfectly in line with modern trends in ecology and sustainability.

We have decided to invite companies whose experience and skills complement each other. I am convinced that joining forces will have a positive impact on the quality and innovation of the solutions we offer. The Expom Group now has a solid basis for further development, increasing its market presence and ability to implement even the most complex projects“. – says Rafal Domzalski, President of Expom SA.

Thanks to this strategic partnership, Expom Group will gain new business areas and the ability to offer comprehensive solutions to its clients. The integrated portfolio of services now includes not only steel structures, but also modern renewable energy solutions.

It is worth noting that the companies that make up the Expom Group share a similar mission and values. Each of the companies is committed to working in accordance with international quality standards, providing the highest level of customer service, employee safety, development and innovation.

The Expom Group companies employ highly qualified technical staff, engineers and specialists. One of the Group’s priorities is the practical vocational training of young people, who will make up its future workforce. We are proud that our Group is a leader in the field of youth education in the region,” says Rafal Domzalski, President of Expom SA.

Expom Group stands for quality, implementation of innovative design solutions and sustainable development in the industry.

EXPOM S.A. at the forefront of innovators in anti-corrosion trends – Frosio 2023 Symposium

On 20-21.11.2023 EXPOM participated in the 6th Frosio Inspectors Training Symposium and our delegation honoured this prestigious event with its presence. We are proud that, as specialists in the steel construction industry, we were able to give a lecture together with our valued customer addressing the correlation of surface preparation with the quality of the resulting spray coatings.

Our presentation generated great interest among the audience, provoking fruitful discussions on the classification of anti-corrosion service providers. We also emphasised the importance of pre-qualification of the process and personnel prior to starting anti-corrosion work. This was not just a lecture – it was an initiative that resulted in our invitation to continue our research in this area.

We are delighted with the trust placed in us and the opportunity to continue our research collaboration. Our company is driven by the highest standards and attention to quality, which allows us to be a leader in the steel construction industry.

We would like to thank the Symposium participants and our partner for their support and commitment. Together we are creating new standards and inspiring innovation in the industry. Keep an eye on our website to stay up to date with our research, projects and innovations.

Together we are changing the face of the industry! 💪🌐

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Lecture at the Frosio 2023 training course


In accordance with the investment plan of EXPOM S.A. for 2021, we have started the assembly process of a new table boring machine with a rotary table. This is the second TOS machine that will be added to our machine park.
The machining dimensions of the machine are 6000x3000x1600mm, and the maximum allowable weight of the elements is 25000 kg.
The purchase of a new table boring machine is a response to the growing needs of our current and future customers.
For the next few weeks, assembly and training will be carried out, from the beginning of October 2021 the machine will be launched for the production needs of EXPOM S.A.
We invite you to cooperate in the field of machining.

Research, Exhibition and Trade Center in the field of renewable energy sources

Attention,  Another investment has started at Expom S.A. The newly emerging Research, Exhibition and Trade Center in the field of renewable energy will be a kind of Energy Supermarket, where it will be exactly like in any other supermarket, and our customers will choose from a wide range of devices related to Renewable Energy Sources. In addition, research on renewable energy will be carried out.

Focus on quality

Quality in production is an extremely important aspect for our company, affecting both the number of complaints and, above all, customer satisfaction. In order to meet the growing requirements for the structures manufactured at Expom, we started a series of meetings aimed at improving production in terms of quality. Today, we train welders, and during the next meetings, we will also discuss quality problems with locksmiths, painters, borers and employees in the material preparation process.

Welding robot at Expom

We are pleased to announce that today a welding robot from FANUC, the world leader in industrial automation and robotics, has arrived to EXPOM. The assembly of the device is planned in the following days. We will come back to you with this topic soon, presenting a complete and modern robotic stand.

Expom new project

EXPOM has just completed a project of building two steel dams for offshore marine engineering applications.
The hydroelectric dam is a reliable solution used in projects all over the world, providing a safe and dry workplace for underwater projects. A dam is a steel structure that can be precisely positioned below the waterline, then water is carefully removed from the structure, allowing external pressure to create a watertight seal, allowing engineers to carry out the necessary work inside in dry conditions. The technology used is so effective that it can keep the environment dry regardless of the duration of the project or the state of the tide. This reliable method also reduces risk by providing a safe and protective center that allows you to work without problems as long as the job takes place.