In order to meet the growing market requirements, in 2018 the Expom Laboratory was established, providing a number of specialized industrial tests

Destructive Testing (DT)

Charpy impact test
  • maximum energy 500J,
  • tests in accordance with PN-EN ISO 148-1 and ASTM E23 (KV8)
  • tests at reduced temperature (down to -60 ° C)
Hardness testing
  • ORION D100 mobile hardness tester,
  • tests performed on the Leeb scale,
  • conversion of results to the HB, HV, HRB, HRC scale)
Material strength testing
  • do wykonywania badań rozciągania, ściskania i zginania,
  • maksymalne obciążenie: 600kN,
  • dokładność pomiaru siły: +/-0,5%
  • badania zgodne z EN-ISO 7500-1:2008 i ASTM E4

Non-destructive testing (NDT

We carry out non-destructive testing using the following methods:

  • Visual (VT)
  • Magnetic and Particulate (MT)
  • Penetration (PT)
  • Ultrasonic (UT)
  • Videoendoscope research
  • Ultrasonic thickness measurement
  • Tightness and pressure tests

Inspectors of Expom S.A. have 2nd degree qualifications in accordance with PN-EN ISO 9712.

Electrical and health and safety testing

Validation of welding equipment
  • max. load 600 A,
  • precise adjustable load in the entire range,
  • the possibility of testing equipment for welding with the use of MIG, MAG, TIG, MMA methods
Measurement of illuminance
  • SONEL LXP-2 lux meter
  • measuring range 19.99 klx

Electrical measurements

1.Insulation resistance measurements:
•Measurement of the insulation resistance of the electrical installation,
• Measurement of continuity of protective conductors
• Measurement of short circuit loop impedance as an element of checking the effectiveness of protection against electric shock
• Visual inspection of the electrical installation based on applicable standards
• Control of switching points
2. Testing the lightning protection device, including:
• Measurement of earth resistance
• Examination of the ground part of the device
3. Testing of electrical devices, including:
• Visual inspection of the device in terms of safety
• Measurement of continuity of protective conductors
• Measurement of insulation resistance
• Testing the effectiveness of the protection against electric shock
4. Measurement of earth resistance using the 3-lead method
5. Measurement of soil resistivity

Thermovision measurements
  • FLIR E53 thermal imaging camera
  • measuring range: -20 ÷ 650 ° C
  • accuracy: ± 2°C

Geometry research

Research with the FARO ARM measuring arm
  • measuring range: 4 m (diameter 70 m)
  • accuracy: 0.12 mm
  • measuring range: 35 m (diameter 70 m)
  • accuracy: 16 µm / + 0.8 µm / m
Measurements performed on the scribing and measuring plate
  • dimensions: 15×6 m
  • maximum workpiece weight: 40t
Manual measurements


  • Measurements of the thickness of paint coatings
  • Surface cleanliness testing
  • Study of surface salinity
  • Compressed air quality testing
  • Coating adhesion testing with the following methods: tear off and cross-cut
  • Testing the continuity of coatings with low voltage equipment
  • Assessment of preparation of substrates for painting
  • Frosio level 3 painting supervision
  • IBDiM painting supervision
  • Anti-corrosion training

Testing of Handling Equipment under the supervision of UDT

  • UTB service life determination
  • Performing a special inspection
  • Research and repair of welds

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