Another member company, Werex, which specialises in the production of welded structures, has joined the Expom Group. The expansion of the group brings strong opportunities and synergies.

In 2019, on the initiative of Expom SA, the Expom Group will be created, consisting of Expom SA, Konter, Expom Eco-Energy. From December 2023, the Expom Group will be extended to include another company, Werex.

Expom SA, founded in 1952, is one of the leading manufacturers of steel structures. The company provides services to international clients and has an impressive track record of projects that have gained market recognition. Werex, specialises in the manufacture of welded structures in black and acid resistant steel. Konter, is an experienced steel fabrication and erection contractor. Expom Eco-Energy, brings expertise in green energy and green concepts to the group. As a supplier of various renewable energy solutions, the company is perfectly in line with modern trends in ecology and sustainability.

We have decided to invite companies whose experience and skills complement each other. I am convinced that joining forces will have a positive impact on the quality and innovation of the solutions we offer. The Expom Group now has a solid basis for further development, increasing its market presence and ability to implement even the most complex projects“. – says Rafal Domzalski, President of Expom SA.

Thanks to this strategic partnership, Expom Group will gain new business areas and the ability to offer comprehensive solutions to its clients. The integrated portfolio of services now includes not only steel structures, but also modern renewable energy solutions.

It is worth noting that the companies that make up the Expom Group share a similar mission and values. Each of the companies is committed to working in accordance with international quality standards, providing the highest level of customer service, employee safety, development and innovation.

The Expom Group companies employ highly qualified technical staff, engineers and specialists. One of the Group’s priorities is the practical vocational training of young people, who will make up its future workforce. We are proud that our Group is a leader in the field of youth education in the region,” says Rafal Domzalski, President of Expom SA.

Expom Group stands for quality, implementation of innovative design solutions and sustainable development in the industry.